Unique linked questions in a list

Hello. I have a repeating group list with 3 items to choose from. Upon selecting of of the 3 items, a popup appears. The title of the popup is a dynamic text box that displays the item choice. Beneath the title, I am trying to create a repeating group list that displays 3 questions linked to that item selection. After selecting the item I want the answer to display below. My issue is first, trying to create a table that has the item, 3 questions, and 3 answers that bubble can access properly, and second, coming up with the work flow that would allow the functions to work in a matter that the original item selection will send the information over to the list. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Create the following Data Types:

Add a few rows with data: Option 1, Option 2, Option 3.

Option (of type Option)

On the popup add custom states:
option (of type option)
questions (of type question and check “list”)

When you click on one of the 3 options you should have a workflow like this:

  1. set state of popup:
    option = current row option
    questions = Do a search for questions where option = current option.
  2. show popup

That should get you going.

Thank you! I will give this a try ASAP.

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