Advanced Custom state for reusable element

The final goal is to open a floating group by clicking a button…
… that is inside a reusable element,
… that is itself inside a reusable element.
Knowing that that those reusable element will be integrated inside different pages.
Page A > floating window
Page B > floating window
Reusable Element A > Sub Reusable Element Aa > button (with the custom state)

I have tried to use custom state by creating a condition at the level of the floating window. But the custom state created inside R.E. Aa is not displayed (I can see only custom state from R.E A)
I have tried with get URL: As custom state should work on Page A or Page B, it seems cumbersome to use that. Especially if you think I have more than two pages.
I am quiet sure that I miss something very obvious but I can’t get it. Is there something to do with the backend workflow?
Many thanks for your Help,

You can create a custom workflow within the inner-most reusable to show the element.
Then another custom WF in the parent reusable of the innermost one that calls the innermost reusable’s custom WF (trigger a custom workflow within a reusable element).

And now from the page you can trigger the parent reusable’s custom workflow.
This will trigger the internal reusable’s custom workflow, which will show the element.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you @atomicfusion
Unfortunately, I’ve just understood that I should have said that R.E Aa ( last R.E) is inside a RG.

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