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I saw many people use header in a reusable page so i did the same. Then in my main page there is a floating group. And i want that the floating group open when we pressed button in header.
So, button is in reusable page then how can we use element of main page in reusable element.
Like if header and floating group is in same page then we can set a state for opening floating group. But i dont know how to use state in reusable page because reusable element only show reusable page element.
Thank you

Create a custom state in the reusable element called “buttonClicked” and make it a yes/no value that is “no” by default. Then add a workflow on the reusable element for if the button is clicked to set the state of “buttonClick” to “yes”. Then in your other page you can have a Do when condition is true and make sure to select “Every time” in the how often spot. Make the condition: “reusable element’s buttonClick is yes” and then add the action to show the popup and set the state of the buttonClick back to “no” so it will be ready to be activated again if needed.

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so we dont need to pass parameters @williamtisdale .
My other page is not working as you mentioned

Rausable Element

  1. Set custom state with “yes/no” value. default is “no”.
  2. Button → add Workflow “on click”
    add Action → set state [Reusable Element name] name of custom state → set value to “yes”.

Main Page

  1. Workflow → add “Do when condition is true” → the param is [Reusable Element name] choose the custom state → is “yes”.
  2. add Action → Show “Floating Group”

I can help to assist you if you need help.

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