Advanced filter returns all list in the RG instead of the filtered condition

I have data type for services providers with two enteries “Client A” & “Client B”. and another data type for services and categories. The service 1 falls under Environmental category, and service 2 falls under Safety category. and i use Dropdow list to select a service category. When i set the RG to filter Services Providers who provide a service that falls under the selected category with using advanced search feature and the intersect >= 1, the RG returns all the list of services providers and ignore the constrain although i din’t check the ignore constrain checkbox.

Appreciate your support to solve this and thank you in advance

Hi @ali.roshdy!

seems to me like you just need a simpler expression for the list. Try this:

In action: (4)

I recreated the data structure, but I assumed that each service provider provides more than one service. Am I wrong? In that case this is the filter you should use:

Thank you hanan for helping me. I was able to resolve this issue by restructuring my database in which i added a new filed for in the Services data type that represents a list of Services Providers, by this way it was easier to call for different fileds from the same table.

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also works :slight_smile: :+1: all depends on how your app performs under each data structure.

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