Filter RG when field is a list

Hi All,

I think this is a simple question, but am stuck.

Within my user table I have a field that is a list of things - the [TEAMS] that the user follows.
Separately I have a team table that relates each [TEAM] to a [SPORT].
I want to show the [TEAMS] the user follows and allow filtering by [SPORT].
But since the [TEAMS] field is a list of things, the advanced option doesn’t show when I try to create my initial search for the RG and so I can’t join to the [TEAM] table and ultimately filter on the [SPORT].

What am I missing here?
Thanks a ton in advance.

Hey @SerPounce,

So your RG constraint must be Search for Users:filtered

Advanced: This User’s team intersect with List of teams count > 0.

Try this solution and see if that works for you.


Edit: Also if you could add in screenshots of your structure it would be easier to understand what you exactly require.


Thanks for the suggestion Prajnya.

The issue is that I am not searching for users. I am showing the list of teams that the users supports. This list is included in the user table as shown here.

The list works easily enough when I show the teams that the user supports:

This list contains all the teams the user supports and includes both rugby and NFL.

But now I want allow the user to filter based on the sport and not sure where to go from here:

@SerPounce Hey i’ll send you a DM okay not sure what your data structure is.

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