Advanced filtering: tool ignores defined filtering options from a specific degree of complexity

Dear bubble team,

not sure if there has been a change in the platform recently which caused the described bug (as I have never encountered such problem before), but recently I discovered this bug mainly on the live/productive system… and it is causing me big issues.
I have a “Do Search” function integrated in a repeated group, to look for leisure events of different types on my page (“search” function for my users). I have 4 different types of events I want to look for, whereas 2 of those 4 events have a dependency on time (as I do not want to show past events). Therefore I included the following advanced filter in my search function for the repeated group:

I included this formula into a “Condition”, that it is always being applied, whenever the user has given some search parameters to the page (the search parameters are being saved in a specific thing in the DB, which I am regularly checking while testing… and this function works fine).

What I am now experiencing as this bug: In the above advanced filter, the bubble platform is just ignoring randomly some of the filter options. Such as on this one it does not show me any of the defined events of the type “Specific Date (Once)”, as well as it is not showing me the types “Multiple Dates”.

Now there are 2 things, that have me convinced that this is a bug (and not due to wrong programming):

  1. It works just as intended on the test version of the tool. As soon as I deploy it to live, it does not work on the live system (with the above described error).
  2. Though the filtering is just configured for the condition, this condition (on the live version only) is also applied if no parameters are handed to the page (which I check both in the page itself, as well as in my DB).

Can you please advice me if this is a known bug, and if there is any workaround for it?

If you want to check the error yourself, you can test the malicious search function on .

Thank you in advance and kind regards,

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