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Advanced Filtering on Users Help

Can anyone help with figuring out how to use Advanced Filter when working with Users? I found these posts that seem close to the issue I’m having but doesn’t directly apply to my use case.

Tell us what you specifically are trying to accomplish, and your database structure

Hey @tylerboodman, thanks for the response. I am trying to filter Users on the table element. Each User on the table has one or more “Ventures” attached to it. These Ventures can be thought of as businesses. So If I want to filter for all Users that have “Microsoft” included in their list of ventures then those people should be the only ones showing in the table. To accomplish this I am using the advanced filter shown in the screenshot. Important to note that Ventures is its own data type but it is connected to Users.

The problem I’m running into is that it’s searching for users, but since I have the :filter attached to it, it’s automatically looking for those things and when it doesn’t have it, it doesn’t show up. I think I’m having this issue because its not possible to dynamically change the type of content on the Table element. I’ve also tried using intersect like mentioned in other posts but I need to use merge here. Any ideas on how to get this to work?