Filtering list of tag using another list

I need your help please filtering a list using another list.

Let say each user is described using a list of tags:

  • User 1 : happy, strong, fast
  • User 2: sad, weak, slow
  • User3: happy, sad

These users show up in a repeating group, and I would like to filter the repeating group using another list stored in a state (the state is the result of selecting one or many tag in a multi dropdown menu)

for example I would like to see all users that are sad & slow.
If any user had at least one of these selected tags he should be kept.

in this case User 2 & 3 should show up.

In the filtering constraints of the “Do a search for” it doesn’t work


Many thanks for your help.

Why do you think the search constraints don’t work? The constraints on a search are AND’s so this should be exactly what you need. Are you sure you set up your search constraints properly?

Hi there, @akamelstudio… what does the issue checker show for that issue? Do the Tags field and the custom state have the same type?


You’d actually need to use the Advanced constraint for this one. It will allow you to use the syntax ‘contains list’ where you can pass the state you hold your list in

assume my SearchAttributes state is the placeholder for the list you are filtering

Yup, what Doug said. I was going to throw the advanced filter thing out there in my initial reply, but I figured we’d start slow and make sure the types match. :slight_smile:

Due to this statement…

… I believe the advanced filter will need to be a count > 0 of the intersect between the two lists. @akamelstudio, there are plenty of examples of that concept in the forum, so you should be able to find what you need.

Thank you for your answer and help.

The types do match, if for example I change my formula to “Activity Filters’s SelectedTags First Item” it will work.
However what I’m trying to achieve is to compare two lists, User attributes (Several Tags) with desired filter attributes (Several Tags too) and check if some tags do match with the desired ones.

I wanted to avoid advanced filtering because it’s slower, but I think I have no choice .

Thank you for your answer and help.

I tried this solution and it works great. I wanted to avoid advanced filtering because it’s slow, but it seems that it’s the only one that has “contains list” allowing to compare two lists of tags (User’s attributes vs desired filtered ones).

Thanks again

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