Advanced Sort in the RG

Hello everyone, everything good?

I have an RG that brings me “demands” and it works very well bringing me the data I need, however I would like to do a custom sorting.

Within my demands I have “qualifications” and “certifications” (both are a list), which the user also has, I would like the first items in the RG to be the demands that the user has the same qualifications and certifications, then certifications, qualifications and lastly, what was not “compatible”.
I tried to organize it using “change which field” but I can’t create the expression to get these fields.


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Hey @pcmalaquiasfotografia :wave:

Unfortunately this is not advanced sort. This is just accepting name of the field dynamically. If it the resulting text is not one of the field names of the data type of RG, it won’t sort. This is a known limitation. RGs can only he sorted by the fields of its own.

There’s only 2 ways to sort by field within a field:

  1. have the item you want to sort by in the parent field (this should ideally be done when you’re setting up the app - or just duplicate that one column onto the parent field)
  2. User a list shifter plugin (they’re usually paid, but they get the job done)

Watch this video for further explanation: