Rg not sorting correctly

I so I created this RG leaderboard and also a custom dropdown with a custom state that change the feild number , the feild number in this case is xp sport .

But I do not understand why its not sorting .

any idea

you have multiple sorts on the same element?

Yes I do ! I need to change the number feild , depending on the custom dropdown or Can I do it in the conditionals ?

If you don’t need to sort by two different fields at the same time, then I would use the dynamic field option…I’m not 100% sure if you can actually even sort by two different fields at once.

The thing is ,due to a custom state the text changes .

hey - this video may help:

did you try to use the dynamic field for sort? It is listed as Change Which field. It is used for situations where the field to sort by will change

Screen Shot 2024-06-09 at 10.37.03 PM