Advice Breaking a Data Type into Parent/Child Data Types


I need advice on how to structure my data.

Scenario: Daily I receive a large file from a supplier with 35 columns, simplified example:

Currently I use Appsheet to split the data into a “Client” and “Item” datatype which is then pulled into Bubble using a Webhook.



This is what one of the pages looks like, it is a typical one-to-many relationship, a Client with all her items in a repeating group.

This method works well, but my main concern is Scalability: At the moment 1500 records per day is added, but it’ll increase shortly to 10 times that.

I was wondering, should I not rather import the main table into Bubble and break it into the Client & Item Data Types using workflows and in the process establish the relationship between the Data Types correctly? (Although I don’t yet have an idea how to do that)

Is there a performance difference between a “Manual” relationship between Data Types vs a proper reference between Data Types?

Is this even the right approach,
Any help will be greatly appreciated.