Advice needed - GIF Size

A friend is making a GIF for me to use while my SPA bubble app loads up all its elements. He asked me what size would be best and I’ve no idea. This will run on mobile and desktop versions. Has anyone got any idea, please?

Depends on what the animated gif shows. We’ve used 50x50 and 100x100 animated gifs ourselves. But, ours are generally simple loading icons that utilize our logo in the animation.

If you’re doing something more visually detailed, then it may benefit from being larger.

@sridharan.s - it is a little detailed. This video shows a rough version of the concept. The GIF will be taller than wider to suit the concert. Do you think something like 350 wide by whatever the aspect ratio matching height would work? Or, would the file size be too big?

And how do you know when the elements are loaded and it’s time to stop the GIF. Is there a trigger I can watch for? Knowing that would save me some time. Thanks

I would keep it smaller simply because making it larger doesn’t seem to improve the user experience. A smaller image doing the same thing gets the entire point across. I’d go with 100px or so. But, it’s up to you so use your judgement. File size depends on numerous variables and easiest just to create it in different sizes to see the file size. Your designer should be able to save it as multiple different sizes with almost no effort at all.

Thanks @sridharan.s - I’ll ask him to save in a few sizes and I test it.

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