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Advice on Performance and Scalability for Multilingual App

Hey everyone, about to launch my first app and wanted to check with the community on what the best practices are from a performance perspective.

I’m working on an e-learning app with bubble. The app is pretty basic with 4 main pages login page, signup page, app page (where the users consume the content), and a profile page.

The challenge is that I want to translate the application to several different languages and provide the content courses in different languages.

So what I’m thinking is to use “app text” and show different language text for the login page, signup page, and profile page since these are pretty light pages.

For the main app page (where the users will engage with different course content) I’m thinking of creating different pages with unique URLs for each language.

Does this setup make sense? Is there anything I should be aware of from a performance and scalability perspective?

Would appreciate any advice since I have no idea what to expect once this app is released:)


Not something we have done too much. But just in one of our projects.

Key question:
Why different pages for each language? If they are all left to right, you should be able to make a single page and use URL parameters throughout the same page to change text.

if you have multiple changes, you’ll have to make multiple changes.

I’d keep one language as primary and that should be the main language on all text elements.
And then URL parameters should override.

Also, I think there is a sneaky url parameter that automatically configures app text languages. lang= or something like that


Hi @ZubairLK thanks for your feedback.

I’m only planning to different pages for 1 page (the main app page) because that page will contain a bunch of groups that link too different video assets (meaning it’s not 1 to 1 between whats offered for different languages).

So keeping those pages separate depending on language just seems cleaner to me. Would love to get any input:)

Put conditionals onto the links based on the URL lang parameter to navigate them to the other languages assets. Have it all on the one page. No need for different pages.

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Hi, @boston85719 thanks for the tips! How would I go about collecting the URL lang parameter on the index page? I see the option to send parameters on the “Go to page” workflow" but how would I accomplish this if it’s the first page the user is visiting?

I’m having issues with getting the browser locale taking effect on the index page as well. I’m assuming it’s because the change of language would need to refresh the page to take effect?

Getting URL lang parameter seems like the best way to implement this with non-logged-in users but the same problem remains how do you get the right lang URL to populate if the user is landing on the page or coming from an external page?

Have a page is loaded workflow that has a conditional looking at the URL to see if the lang parameter is set or not. If not, then set it for the user using the browser locale information. That action would be to navigate to the same page but put in the lang parameter.