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Advice/recommendation on creating app with live streaming video?

Anyone have any experience with live streaming apps from mobile to desktops?

Perhaps something use this:

Need to create an app where support tickets can be created and users stream a video to a user on a desktop and then provide live support over phone.

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The Apple product is the same as the AWS product that Bubble uses. Are you looking for a support system that allows for support staff to create a video call with a customer?

@scottb50 - Interesting, so Bubble already supports streaming directly?

It will be built for HVAC companies that have in field technicians that call into the office for support. So they need to be able to stream video and talk at the same time. But the video needs to be recorded for future reference too.

Is this possible?

How do I build a test case for video streaming?

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Yes, it’s possible. We built a video conferencing app using Tokbox, which is built on WebRTC. Then we iframe the video into our Bubble app. Apple just recently started supporting the WebRTC standard (which enables streaming via the browser without downloads) so it’s now available on Safari 12 in Beta. Already worked on Chrome, Firefox, etc. This is the same technology that Google Hangouts is built on, for context. We use Tokbox because they take care of all of the complicated aspects of video calls. Still required a custom build on top of Tokbox’s APIs though.

There’s aren’t currently any cheap solutions for this though – that’s the one drawback. At least, we weren’t able to find any cheap solutions before we built our system a year ago.


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Thanks for the hint.

When you sat “expensive”, how expensive is it? It looks like for $10 per month is 66 minutes per day of streaming. That’s way more than I’d need.

Also, how much was it to build custom build on top of the API?

Can you share the app by any chance?

Sent you a message with details and a link.

If you have question regarding live streaming app development, maybe this article can help:

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Not sure if you still need a solution now, but this plugin solves most live streaming problems.

Here is the link: Easy Live Streaming with Agora Plugin | Bubble