Best way to create video chat

Hi Bubblers!

Could you please help me in creating video chat please?
I would like to implement video chat in my bubble app and I am considering Twitch/Tokbox or Cometchat.
What do you think about these options?
I really appreciate your help!

Hi Greentwice,

That’s a pretty cool idea. Integrating video chat into your bubble app is something interesting, but make sure what’s the purpose of integrating video chat, whether its for business purpose or private.

Then coming to the point, going with Twitch, Tokbox or Cometchat is extremely a good idea. But they are completely SaaS-based product where you can’t customize the video chat feature according to your business needs. Basically, they are a good option if you look for any subscription-based module where the user-count, video calls are limited.

If you want to scale your video calling experience, probably SaaP (Software as a Product) is the best deal. SaaP based video calling APIs are pretty cool with features and customizable too.

Here’s a brief comparison on how SaaP based video chat API differs from SaaS-based APIs.

Although the video chat market is flooded with so many providers, all you can do is to partner with an enterprise messaging solution provider like MirrorFly. It’s a completely customizable solution where the video call feature can be modified according to your use cases.

The enterprise video chat provider is one of the trusted business where you’ll get a bunch of techies to develop or integrate video chat feature on your own platform with the industry-standard infrastructure and so on.

The video chat API is absolutely scalable to handle concurrent users. The video chat solution is embedded with WebRTC infrastructure to assure you the quality of the video call experience is simply awesome. Their APIs will suit any of native languages and also applicable to build a cool video chat platform with intuitive design and development on cloud or on-premises.

The Video chat API is available for Android, iOS, Web and React native. To offer the best possible security, the chat solution is completely encrypted with end-to-end, SSL and much more.

  • One to one calling
  • Group video calling
  • Video Conferencing
  • Live Broadcasting
  • Screen sharing
  • Video Recording
  • 100% customizable
  • Design & Development Team
  • One Time payment
  • Unlimited Video Call
  • End to End Encryption

It’s much better to have a glance at the SaaP based video chat API :


What would the cost be

No price on the site means it is likely expensive!

Dear @eduKit & @StevenM,

It solely depends on the features and functionalities you’d like to add on your app or website. It’s a completely customizable solution where the cost depends on your requirements. Moreover, the APIs and SDKs are customizable. You could drop a mail with your requirements to get the exact cost for a video call API.

After searching and trying around for a while, This is the best option out there.
Plus if you don’t mind their logo, it is free forever using their domain, if you use their API they give you 2000 minuets free then it is $9 a month!


I am very new to this. Can you share a few more details on how to integrate this in the bubble app. It would be much appreciated.

Why do you want to integrate video chat into your Bubble app when ready made video chat and video conferencing applications are available such as Webex, R-HUB HD video conferencing servers, Gotomeeting, etc. ? Whats the purpose of integration?

Same here. Can anyone pls share step by step process to add video chat functionality to my app.

Hello @greentwice10 its may be a late but this answer really help you understanding video chat solution creation

If you decide to create your own video chat app, there are a few major technologies for making your solution successful:


The most used technology for video connection between devices is WebRTC. It’s an open-source technology that allows you to arrange real-time communication using simple APIs.

Using WebRTC in the app gives you the opportunity to enact audio and video communication and data transfer without any additional plugins. A fully-functional WebRTC package might include such features as peering, streaming, and video and audio codecs for communication arrangements between two or more online users.

What else is worth to be mentioned about this technology is that there are 4 API Interfaces to use in WebRTC

  • MediaStream: with this interface, a client can chat with someone using either a webcam or a microphone.
  • RTCPeerConnection: with this one, you can activate audio or video data transfer with encryption support and access control.
  • RTCDataChannel: this interface provides users with a P2P communication network for data generalization.
  • OpenTOK: this is a cloud PaaS platform that acts as a wrapper library. You can find it as part of some WebRTC toolkits. It is an open-source library that makes it possible to create cross-platform video chats on a WebRTC API-basis.

SaaS Solutions For Building Video Chat Application
Some apps can use ready-made SaaS solutions:
This site provides more than 70 data-streaming software development kits for websites and apps. It’s highly likely that you’ll find one that appeals to you as you begin setting up your application.

It’s a powerful media server that has grown quite popular lately. It is aimed at audio and video streaming. It is a reliable and high-tech service upon which many companies have come to rely.

Read more about must-have features in a


There’s a twilio plugin by bubble that allows you to directly integrate video chat in your app

Do look into AtomChat if you want to create a video chat on your website. The AtomChat plugin is easy to install and use and doesn’t require any extra work to configure!