African Payment Solutions Bubble Plugin

A Major Progress for No-Code in Africa! :rocket:

At Nocode Africa, we are currently deploying the complete plugin for PayDunya, an African payment aggregator: PayDunya Live API Plugin | Bubble

PayDunya is a bit like the African Stripe. :gear:
A payment aggregator with no less than 15 payment solutions for more than 5 UEMOA countries.

With the PayDunya Live API Plugin, you can today:

:white_check_mark: Generate payment links for your users to the PayDunya checkout page
:white_check_mark: Generate debit orders automatically to more than 15 African payment solutions (White Label)
:white_check_mark: Send payment requests via SMS and Email
:white_check_mark: Transfer money to over 5 African countries
:white_check_mark: As well as many other features of the Official PayDunya API

What does this mean for the No-Code Community and especially that of Bubble?

:arrow_forward: The lifting of the virtual barrier for many Freelancers and Online Entrepreneurs who will now be able to receive their payments on their portfolio or Bubble platform very easily

:arrow_forward: Africa’s commitment to the development of the no-code ecosystem: No, we are no longer simple consumers or simple followers, we also contribute to making it something big.

:arrow_forward: The possibility of creating online payment applications fully integrated into the African digital ecosystem etc.

And now the Big News🀩:

We will be putting training online very soon at Nocode Afrique to learn how to use this plugin to integrate the payment solutions of your choice on your Bubble Application.

We will also make the demo environment available to you very soon to fully test all the features of the Plugin.

But in the meantime, you can already install the Plugin via this link: PayDunya Live API Plugin | Bubble

Amen David, Creator of Nocode Africa.

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