Payment Gateways in South Africa?

Hi Bubble Family,

I am new to Bubble and loving it so far. I would like to know what payment gateways are available in South Africa on Bubble?

I believe the PayPal Checkout plugin works however, are there any better alternatives?

Thank you!

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Hi Leonidas,

PayGate does work quite well but I’ve only done the basic HTML Pay Now buttons; I’d still like to learn how to fully integrate it and receive the payment status (“Successful”) etc.

Did you maybe find a way that works?

Hi @mccjon. I’ve also experimented with the HTML pay buttons (with PayPal), but like you say, you can’t receive a Payment Status when using those, which is very important. I’d only use HTML pay buttons for something like donations where Payment Status isn’t important. To receive Payment Status, you would need to set up the API itself. What you can do is set up the PayFast API in the API connector. Their documentation is quite thorough and they will be willing to help if you give them a call. I have not used the PayGate API though.

As an alternative option you can use the Stripe plugin and set up a bank account in the USA, Stripe Atlas make this process very easy for you, you can find their pricing on their site.

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Hi Leonidas,

Thanks so much for your reply!

I’ll give the API a go (always seems like to much trial and error); I’m keen to see how PayFast’s Bitcoin payment implementation works as well.

I’ve had a look at Atlas and I think it’s an amazing product, but I’ll only do that once the app shows some real potential and after I’ve got a few more test users - quite a bit of cash and responsibility once you’re incorporated in the USA.

How are your projects going on Bubble?

Only a pleasure.

Yea I know right. I have a friend who will set it up for you for an affordable price. This is his website. I got a quote from him for about R2500 if I remember correctly.

Yes, that is true.

I have one project of my own which is going well, but I’ve mainly been developing apps for other people. And yourself? I’d like to connect with you on WhatsApp and chat. Since you’re local I recon there can be some opportunities for us to collaborate on some projects. I’ll PM you my number.

Hi @mccjon and @leonidas.petrou4

Did you ever manage to setup the payfast API into Bubble. I’ve got the button too and I want to validate something. By Virtue of the success url and cancel url’s requested when creating the button, is that not sufficient confirmation that the transaction was finalized. You can setup conditions on the website to align to either link. Please let me know what you think.


Hi @teddykoka, @mccjon and @leonidas.petrou4

Any resolution to the payment gateway in South Africa? My initial research resulted in a number of possible providers PayFast being one of them. Looking to see how this was concluded and whether implementing was a breeze with them or which alternative provider to go with.


Hi Theodore, I ended up just using PayPal, they also have a subscriptions plugin. However, you can set up PayGate, PayFast or Peach Payments using the API Connector (this is if you want to charge in Rands because your customers are only in SA). I never set this up but I don’t think it would be too difficult. Also, if you contact their support teams they may help you set up the APIs.

Hi Leonidas, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately PayFasts API integration is only available for recurring billing. Which is not a solution we require. We’re looking at other options in the meantime.

PayGate has a great package price wise (PayGate Plus), we’re looking at integrating with them and running php script on button click - as a non tech founder this is over the head stuff so PayGate was kind enough to refer us to offers integration services. Will give them a try and post here on the results.

Hi @theodore

Any updates on this yet? This would be super helpful to see how to integrate it.

1 Like offer gateway service in Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana (Africa only). However, they were recently acquired by Stripe so that country restriction may likely change.

My understanding is that - while PayPal services South Africa - it places lengthy holds on payments before funds are released to merchants.

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Hi Bubblers,

New PayFast plugin published (See link below).



Hi Pieter,

i tired looking for your plugin but cant seem to see it on the store?
Please advise if its still up and working?



I have confirmed with Bubble and the plugin should now be available on the Plugin marketplace.

PS. We decided to fast track development and have included both Once-Off and Subscription payments into a single ‘PayFast Complete’ plugin.



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Hi Pieter,

awesome thanks, will have a look.