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Agency page redesign (not mobile friendly yet)

Hey everyone,

I am pretty proud of this redesign I slapped together in the last 24 hours. It’s not mobile friendly yet so don’t even try it on your phone (won’t work at all).

Let me know what y’all think. Cheers

The header text is too huge. You need more white space!


Come on man. Look at my inspiration here

Go bigger, @jonah.deleseleuc… bigger!

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Haha, definitely should!!

I like it! haha But I would have some conditionals in there to account for other viewport sizes maybe.

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Thank you! Of course, I’m working on that right now :smiley:

My eyes!!! :eyes:


I took 30 minutes to put some conditions on the styles. It’s not very optimized, there are some places that need to be looked at, but it’s more or less mobile friendly now :smiley:

I have to agree with the above, your H1 is way too big. It’s at the point where you stop seeing words and instead just see a collection of letter shapes. I think all your font sizes could be reduced, feels really cluttered as is.

I’d also update your mockups to use the latest generation of devices as using old ones has a subconscious effect on the viewer that your work is dated.

One last unrelated point, I really dislike that you say your Whiteboard Pro plugin is fully customisable when you can’t remove the blue W logo at the top that links back to Whiteboard Team | The visual collaboration platform for all of us. I wouldn’t usually care, but you’re charging people $99 on a false premise.

I know the H1 isn’t traditional, but I’m going after something specific that the inspiration I linked above does pretty well imo. Like in the original post it said it’s not well optimized for mobile yet.

Also, I guess you could say that the mock-ups look dated because technically that’s an iPhone 6 instead of an iPhone 14 or whatever but I doubt that has any subconscious effects of any kind.

And your point about whiteboard pro is valid, I was talking more about how that you could customize its functionality. I’ll edit that.

All for it if that’s what pleases your eye! Just giving you my 2c :slight_smile:

On the topic of mockups; in my experience as a UI designer 10+ years it really does have a subconscious affect on perceived quality and relevance, and its also an easy thing to fix which is why I thought I’d mention it.

Appreciate you updating Whiteboard Pro’s description. I understand you’ve put a lot of work into it so didn’t mean to discredit any of that. If one day you figure out how to remove the logo, you’ll get a purchase from me.

All the best with the new site.

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Talking with the founder about being able to remove the logo very soon. He is in Iran, and with the political situation calming down he has time to work on it again :slight_smile:

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