Need your feedback on my new site for Bubble Tutoring and Tutorials

Hey everyone,

I finally got around to launching my site. ( I have been tutoring bubble users for a few years now and decided to finally put together a site for everyone to sign up and schedule bubble tutoring sessions with me.

I would like your initial reaction and feedback if you can take a look. It is very simple to start, I would like to add longer paid tutorial videos in the future as well as maybe a blog if it takes off more.

Let me know what you think of the site. Thanks!

Jason K
Email: [email protected]

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Hey Jason!

congrats on the launch!

Really nice site and color schemes!

My feedback: (just my opinion)

  1. I think the logo its too big for the first section. I also thought the the description on the white background its a cookie consent so I didn’t read it the first time :smiley: The user should be able to say what you are doing is seconds so the tagline “Learn to create software without code!” should be bigger and more centered.

This is nice first section example:

  1. You should have all the page listed in a header, the mobile menu for such small page on a web view is not necessary and its bad for UX. If you had in already in a header I could read within seconds what you are doing here.

  2. In the 2nd section the user should already be able to see your 1minute videos section. I, 'thinking a slider with 3-4 thumbnails of the videos.

  3. Try not to make all the sections of the page look as they have the same template underneath.

  4. I would also ad sections with CTA’s to schedule a 1-on-1 call with you on the home page + LEARN MORE button that will redirect you to a subpage.

  5. I think it would make the site look better if you would set the content container width to max 1140px.

If you don’t know it already, head to and look for inspiration :slight_smile:

Cool. Thank you so much for the design feedback. I will take a look at dribble too.

These are great suggestions. I know Bubble well but design is not my strong point. So I need help with people who have an eye for it.

I’m going to be teaming up with a designer too. It seems either a person is good at one or the other but rarely both sides. Always good to have a partner to balance things out.

It’s really helpful to get this kind of feedback before the main launch :rocket:. Thanks!

Personally, I spent about 80% of the time on design and it’s not because I like doing it - it’s the opposite - I hate it :stuck_out_tongue: and it really upsets me because I can spent countless (!!!) hours redesigning THE SAME FREAKING ELEMENT. I’m not a designer, but developing good taste IMO is crucial when building an app.

My recommendation is to browse dribbble or other sites, pick some project that you like and adopt it. Do it many times over and you should have a sense what looks nice and what doesn’t after couple of projects. In my experience (especially in 2020) you could compete with other products simply based on design.

I would love to team up with designer too and in the near feature I will probably do that.

But I digress.

Good luck!

Very true. I feel like if I spend my time focused on what I’m good at then it would be a better use of my time.

The designers that have an eye for it make it look so easy. They design things so quickly and make things in half the time I would.

I don’t mind spending money on something that will save me time since my time is valuable.

My strengths are teaching/tutoring and customer service so I will focus most of my time on that.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the designer comes up with. He is really good. :laughing:

I would just rather spend my time helping other people on what I know well.

I’m still going to take a look at dribble to see if I can improve my design skills a little bit at a time.

Thanks again for your thorough feedback. It’s very helpful. :+1:

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I just updated my site. I would like to see you what you think of it. I am still waiting on my designer to give me his mockup but for the time being I think I improved things a little bit. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks! Designing sure is harder than the actual bubbling, that’s for sure! Haha. :grin:

I think my favorite part which I spent a bit of time on are the hover cards at the bottom of the page that displays the pricing. Let me know what you think. :+1:

Wow! Looks amazing!

Fantastic changes.

You can easily make the footer higher - that will give a better look.

One thing I would add is to have an email added straight onto the site.

Whenever I click it’s opening the Mac Mail app - which fine - it’s that I just don’t used it. Would be better if I could find an email and copied it straight into my gmail.

Try to experiment with your image location. I think there is just too much empty space on the left. I see you have a white background on the image. There are tools online to make the background transparent maybe that will help you.

That is just great. I just wondering how I could that that yesterday. It looks like you have two groups there?

I would like to have an animation that expends the group on hover but I didn’t look into it yet :thinking:

Thanks for the feedback. :+1: I always appreciate someone’s initial reaction to the site. First impressions are important.

I will take a look into the blank space and experiment a little bit. That was something someone else (my wife :blush:) wanted me to add. Maybe there is some better balance of white space I could use though :thinking:.

I will see what I can do to remove the white background to make it transparent.

I’m thinking of making a tutorial for the hovering cards. I will let you know when I finish it up. :+1:

Thanks again for your feedback. Hope it makes it more visually appealing. :raised_hands:

my pleasure

perfect :ok_hand:

I just updated the footer, made it larger and added the email address there as well. That look more professional?

ha! Well, do you like it more?

I think it looks good. I’m working on improving the video page now. Trying to make it look more professional. :+1:

Lately I’ve been using as my compass in designs.

Check it out.

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Those look like good ideas. I hope eventually Bubble can set up blocks like that as a drop into place type of thing. Make things easier on us to design quickly. I normally keep some samples of work I have done in an app called my toolbox. Once I spend a lot of work on something then I can repeat the design easier. Thanks for the suggestions!

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I just updated my page and made a nicer video page layout, its completely responsive and took a lot of time and thought to make it look good on all screens. Let me know what you think.

New Page:

You can try changing the border color to something brighter .

Nice and clean. I like it :slight_smile:

ps. don’t forget to change the page title

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Thanks :blush: I’ll fix that. Good catch. Always good to have another set of eyes. My wife catches a lot of things too. After hours working on something it’s hard to see straight. :crazy_face:

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I used one of their designs from the link you recommended to update my pricing block. I think it looks a lot better. What do you think? I really liked your suggestion with that website.

Take a look at the pricing sections at the bottom that I updated. Thanks again for your feedback.

It’s getting impressive :smiley:

I think it’s look great.

You can experiment with the color scheme. I would say the green is too bright and creates unnecessary contrast.

You can also experiment with the shadows and borders color. imo making them brighter grey would make things look more professional