Agency Plan is Misleading

Been using the agency plan and Il be honest, I am frustrated with the experience and the limitations that seem arbitrary. Il preface by quoting “Subscription details” in the agency plan page:

Full feature access
The Agency Subscription lets you use all paid features while you test your application.

That’s false. The agency plan does not allow Bulk data changes. This is not mentioned anywhere on the page.

The Agency plan
The agency subscription lets you subscribe on a per-user basis to unlock features that make the process of building apps for clients smoother. Recommended for teams that work on projects for multiple clients and need access to paid functionality on an affordable basis.

Also false. The newest limitation I discovered today: the agency plan restricts you to only 3 versions of the app outside of dev. This really blows my mind, because if anything agencies should have the most versions available since agencies have multiple people working on their own versions.

So I am curious, are there other limitations in the agency plan?


I believe so. I reached out to Bubble support in the past on the issue, specifically Bulk data changes, and support did list the other features not available.

I’d recommend reaching out to support to get a full list of all features not available.


Also, per the Version Control page itself:

Users on Team, Production and Dedicated plans can have multiple development versions.

I assume Team means Agency? If so, would be great to get a clarification on if the Team plan has the same count of multiple development versions as Production and Dedication plans.

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Silence here. Hey Bubble!

I would also like to know more about this.

I just moved a development app from a paid plan into an agency plan and the client was locked out with a password, and the Bubble branding has been added and I cannot remove it. The pricing page states that it would be Whitelabel.

This is the furthest experience from what I expected.

It is not a live app, it is in its 3rd week of development.

When you move an app to an agency plan, it automatically applies a username and password to the development version (I don’t know about the live version if there is one when you make a paid plan into an agency plan) as that’s general security best practice (you don’t want public people accessing your test version ideally - competitors could watch progress for example!)