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Does anyone know how agency subscription works?

I sent a note to Bubble and did not hear so asking all you helpful people.

We are developing a Bar Game where every bar will have their own $16 Bubble Account. Does anyone know if the Agency Subscription allow us to set up multiple accounts under one subscription? The challenge is $16 per bar will be expensive. Any ideas?

  • curt

Agency plans are for folks building apps for other people, like a development firm building apps for clients. Whenever the developer is ready to transfer ownership to the client, the app will appear under the client’s Bubble account, and the client will be responsible for paying the app plan subscription. Having an app built under an Agency doesn’t change the cost of the app plan in the end for the client.

It sounds like, perhaps, you might want to consider a Team plan instead, which lets you built a Primary app and then create Sub-Apps from it. A sub-app is essentially a clone of the primary, but it’s got its own domain and database. In this scenario, you would be the paying Bubble account for the Team Plan of the Primary and individual plans for each sub-app (they can be lower than Team). So, you’d want to bill your bars accordingly to cover the cost.

If you are building a single product that you want to sell to multiple, un-related bars (i.e. the bars are your customers), then the sub-app route is preferred here.

If bars are hiring you to build an app that they will ultimately take ownership over (they access the back-end, they pay for it, etc.), then you can get yourself an Agency plan to build it and then transfer ownership when it’s done.

The Agency plan allows you to build apps with all the paid features available before placing the app on a plan. The trade-off is the app will have a username/password lock because Bubble wants you to eventually put it on a plan.

Hope that helps. If you want to add in a few more details on the ideal relationship between you / the bar(s) / the app(s), I’m happy to answer more questions.

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Thank you!!

I believe we want the team app as I don’t foresee them having/needing access to the backend. This will be like a subscription model and if they stop paying, the game stops playing.

The two things I need to clarify is:

  1. While the app will be the same for all bars, we do want to skin them separately. We want the game to look/feel like the bar. Will this be possible?

  2. Is there a limit to the number of sub-apps under a team plan?

I thought there was one other thing but my mind went blank

  • curt

Hey @curt - I am just sat here envisioning what you are looking to build…
From what you have written here and your other posts it is a trivia game that bars would subscribe to for their patrons to play. Am I on the right lines?

Would it work if bars accessed their game via a generic URL - e.g., logging in as their bar once they got there?

Or do they have to access via some unique URL - e.g.

@curt, no problem! @edwardbutcher asked a great question which should help you narrow this down even further.

With option A - the generic URL, you can make all the pages dynamic so that they pull from data you save for each bar. For example, each bar can define their colors, so you can have a menu element have a background color of “bar’s color” as opposed to a static “green” or whatever.

You can do this all throughout the app in lots of ways. You’ll need to pay close attention to your privacy rules to keep data separate per bar, but it’s totally possible and Bubble’s features support that type of setup. The biggest benefit of this for you is you’re only building one app!

On the other hand, if the bars need to have it much more white-labeled (e.g. own domain), which Edward’s unique URL question is touching on, then the sub-app system is the route to take. You can use a similar approach to using dynamic data to “skin” each app separately. But with this method, the apps are much, much more independent. Independent databases and settings overall. No limit to number of sub-apps AFAIK. This might also be of interest: Sub apps - How much does it cost?

@edwardbutcher My thinking is I would like Triviagameatspecificbar. I want customers to think this game is exclusive to the bar and not really a bulk paid for service. But I wont ever say I am stuck forever.

  • curt

Another method will be having multiple domains and redirect them to the main domain with some specifics info (id=barXXXX). You manage only one web site (with different welcome messages). It take under 5 minutes to make a redirection with your service name provider (generally in advanced DNS section). If you use the ‘masked’ thing, it will keep the original domain name.

Thanks I will have my techie guy check it out. It would be awesome to save some bucks, but at the same time i want good performance.

  • curt