Agency plan: members vs collaborators

Hi, our team has subscribed to an agency plan, but we do not understand the difference between agency members (My account > plan & billing > agency members ) and app’s collaborator (App > Settings > Collaboration, with App plan = Agency).

  1. Which users are billed 79$/month ?
  2. What are the differences regarding the abilities of agency members and app’s collaborators (Are they both allowed to edit apps ?) ?

Thank you very much for your help,

Hi Adrien ! Do you find an answer to your question ? :slight_smile: thks !

Hey there @chantemesse.lea @adrien.bardon,

To answer your questions:

Each separate agency user is $79/mo and the person actually being billed is the person that created the agency I believe.

The agency plan gives you the special ability to have them added to an app without collaborating access. However, collaborators require you to have Professional+.

It’s recommended for you to get an agency plan as an agency so your client doesn’t need to be paying for a higher tier plan when they aren’t deployed live yet.

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