How many application editors can you have on the agency plan?


I’m trying to figure out the best subscription with regards to building an app for a client and could use some help understanding the various pricing models.

Can I create an app using Personal plan ($25/month) and then transfer it to my client to them to continue the subscription when the app is developed and launched?

Also, with regards to the Agency plan ($71/month), how many application editors does this come with it — is it just one?


With the Agency plan, you can have as many collaborators as you want.

Thank you. Sorry I wasn’t clearer or maybe I still don’t understand it. I’m referred to application editors, not collaborators. My understanding is that an Application editor is like a container in which you build your app and has all the pro features. So how many application editors (containers) will the agency plan have, I.e. how many simultaneous apps, with the full pro features, do I get with the Agency subscription?

Sorry for misunderstanding you as application editors / collaborators are referred to as the same thing in the Bubble documentation - teammates who can collaborate with you on building your application.
I think you’re referring to versions? If so, I think that’s 15 since the description for Agency plans states it “gives you access to all paid Bubble features
@eve can you clarify?

Hello! Just to clarify a few things:

  • “Application editors” on the Pricing page does refer to collaborators that can be added to your application to work with you on it. On the Agency plan, you can have 1 non-Agency member as a collaborator. Agency members do not count towards the application’s collaborator limit.
  • In terms of having multiple development versions of your application: you can have up to 20 versions of your app for developing on.
  • For how many apps you can have on a plan: all plans [with the exception of the Agency plan] are subscribed to on a per-app basis, meaning you need a plan per application. The Agency plan is the exception: it is account-wide, and any application on your account can be placed on the Agency plan. There is no limit to how many Agency plan applications you can have on your account.

Hope this helps clear the plans up! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, @eve and @telaholcomb. I guess I misunderstood “Application Editors” (and was thinking they meant ‘apps’. Your explanation really helped clarify things. Yes, so the thing I was interested in understanding was how many apps could I build within the Agency subscription – and if I understood you correctly, then the answer is unlimited. Just a follow up on this. Is there any limitation with the Agency subscription i.e. something I can do on the Personal, Professional, or Production plans that I can’t do with the Agency subscription? For e.g. can I even deploy apps while they’re still within the Agency subscription? The scenario I’m thinking of is that I would have several apps under my Agency subscription, some of which are my own business’s apps, i.e. to run my own operations, whereas other apps within this Agency subscription are being built for clients and will be handed over to them once the app is developed. All of this would be possible within my single Agency subscription plan. Correct?

Thanks once again for all your patience and support. I really appreciate it.

Agency plan apps can’t go Live – you’ll always have a username/password protection on the runmode which can’t be removed, since Agency plans are intended for development only. SEO and bulk data upload features are also not available to apps on an Agency plan.

If you’re looking to have your own agency app on Bubble, you’ll need to choose one of our regular plans for it to have a live mode. Apps that you hand over to clients will need to be subscribed at hand-over.

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Hi @eve , why does the agency plan not provide Bulk operations ?

Apps on the Agency plan aren’t expected to have a large volume of data, as they’re not meant to be accessible to live users, so bulk operations are not available along with features like SEO settings.

Alright, thank you for the answer. I’ll have to hand the project over to the client before updating the DB then.

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