AGREEMENTS - Do You use them?

I’m curious to ask how often people on Bubble use contracts when dealing with others that may provide them a service of some sort in exchange for money.

I always use contracts because an agreement is only as strong as the paper its written on. Each party understands their role and responsibility. Payment terms are spelled out. And, should conflict arise its spelled out how resolution can be achieved.

If someone asked you to sign an agreement would you become offended that your honesty is being called into question?

Would really love to hear what the community thinks about this topic!



I don’t mind signing agreements. Basically, when the user pays for services, they have to accept my agreements (terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc) on my site. When they book a session with me they are accepting my cancelation policy, which is an agreement. If you need to add your own agreement as well, that seems perfectly fine to me. It would just take me longer to look through the agreement depending on the length and complexity. I would say, if it is in plain english, not legalese, I am much more comfortable with it as well. That’s my take on it, I would never think you were questioning my honesty. :blush:

Hope that helps! :blush:


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@J805 So your terms are all automated through an online process. That’s slick. But how does it complicate things if you need to make additions/edits?

Mine are all the same, they don’t change. When the user wants their own agreement, I ask them to send it over and I will sign it after making sure I read it over throughly. :blush:

You can create amendments with Bubble if you want, I suppose. Just depends how you have things set up. :+1:

An agreement is like a seatbelt - a request to use one shouldn’t cause any offence.

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Hey you guys! What percentage of the time do you thing agreements are used? Do you thinks it’s over 50% of the time?

All of my clients accept my terms and conditions, but to have client request their own agreement is about 1% or so. They are always welcome to do that though. I will never say ‘no’ to sending me over an agreement, it just takes longer because I have to read it over. :blush:

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Does this go for non-English speakers as well?

I am not sure, all of my clients speak or at least read/understand english. :man_shrugging: The only other language I know is American Sign Language. :blush:

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I had a designer I wanted to work with and I asked him to send me his agreement so I could review/sign and get things moving along:

He responded like this:

3. Signed agreement.

Ok, no problem, you can fill one of them ( and send it to me and I will sign it if all is ok.

I think that this will be the best option because you’re who is worried about the work and all the related to it, so you can do it as you will feel comfortable and safe and don’t spend a lot. And I will not spend valuable time that can be lost.

what has me puzzled is if people really do send each other any amount of money without any sort of agreement? But in this case the guy is saying that I’m worried about the work. I guess now I should be if your a designer and doing business without contracts? Maybe I will be his first commercial customer and he doesn’t know what is needed in business? And to think I should do his donkey work and make his agreement for his business? Wow!

Well, maybe you can keep looking around? I would be concerned because of the way they were communicating. Seems sort of disrespectful to me.

If someone asked me for a more detailed contract then what is on my site, I would try to make one for them and send it to them. Maybe they really don’t want the job?

If the client didn’t like the contract I sent, they can always amend it and return it to me. I think that is a normal way of doing contract work. :man_shrugging:

I hope you find a better designer soon. Have you tried:

My search method has been following what others say about someone on the forums and then do the behind the scenes work of vetting the person and determining if something can work out by contacting them directly. But in this case you can vet someone only to find their attitude sucks.

Yeah, sometimes you just can’t win. That stinks. I am sorry it is such a hassle. :cry:

Well wait a minute I’m not crying about it! Actually, stuff like this helps hone your skill in looking for what you need. But it is apparent there is an age group that thinks things like this are a waste of time and an inconvenience. I know people over 40 wouldn’t have an issue with providing a contract.

Yeah, I agree. There definitely seems to be an age gap difference. Contracts are a normal part of life. :blush:

EXACTLY! But do you think we are the only two that think this way? I would have thought others would contribute more ideas to this topic.

I am sure there are more out there that agree with it too. They are just too busy reading their agreement that someone just sent over for them to sign right now. :blush:Just kidding. :smirk:

In all seriousness, I am sure there are others out there.

That probably is true!

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