Advice on Freelancing and Access to Client Bubble Accounts

Hey All,

I’ve taken on my first Bubble client outside of the current agency I work for and was looking for advice on how other entrepreneurs engage with clients that have existing Bubble Applications.

The current client I am working for had a project started by one Bubble user and then abandoned. I am picking up where they left off.

From a business/builder perspective do you find it better to:

  1. Ask for the clients Bubble Account credentials; granting you access to their applications.
  2. Ask for the client to share editing privilege on Bubble (what guarantee does the client have a builder won’t ruin the application or delete sensitive data?)

If you are going to freelance on a regular basis you really should have an agency account which means you can be added as a collaborator to your clients’ apps without taking up a collaborator ‘seat’.


Thanks Natasha.

Future state when building apps from scratch - for sure going to be looking at an agency plan.

For the time being - I’m helping with pre-existing builds that are already setup. Don’t see the justification for paying a monthly fee to do one-off fixes.

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