🤬 AI powered Youtube-based Bubble Search Engine

How many times have you watched endless YouTube videos, only to find that the information you were looking for was buried in a 2-minute long chunk of it?

It’s frustrating, right? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Well, say goodbye to that frustration. :grin:

We’ve built a custom search engine for Bubble educational content! It searches inside Youtube videos allowing you to quickly find the specific information you need.

Although we’re publishing the beta version search still needs to be improved:

  1. We are still working to improve the relevance of our search results.
  2. We are working on indexing more Bubble related Youtube videos.

We’re publishing this unfinished beta version to see if there is any interest at all. So we would greatly appreciate any feedback you may have.:fist:


Yes, great idea and UXI layout (chatGPT) for the win but the execution is definitely still a ways away. I just tried 5 different queries in various styles and simplicity/complexity and got 0 good hits, lots of erroneous info and inconsistency in the results.

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Vadim, thanks for giving it a test ride! Yeah it clearly needs to be way better than it is now. We’ve ignored many factors that would apparently make the search better. If people find it helpful, for sure we’ll improve the search results.

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You’re the man GIO, let’s do it. We need this as I am constantly searching and not finding in the way I believe I should be. Great MVP and I’ll keep peeping this :pray:t2:

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