Custom search engine

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently discovered bubble and can’t wait to build my prototype.

However, I’ve been struggling to build as follow.

Here the user journey:

He types something in the search box.

The search box check the query with a list of external website provided by myself (eventually I could integrate this with Google Custom Search).

If the search engine match the keywords, the user must see the only number of results, for instance: 13 results founded.

At this time, the user can schedule a call with me where I will offer my consultancy.

Later on, if this work out I’d like to automate all integrating payments etc. but to start I prefer jump in a call because the consultancy is fairly expensive.

Do you have any advice to start?



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Hi Antonio,

Were you able to embed google CSE?

I was trying to work on something similar. So far I found a plugin named “Google CSE”. Linked the API and all but was unable to build the search box and the output field.