<AI solution integrate via API> How to integrate AI solutions with API? Is it Possible? - recombee/clarifai/neauralhub..etc - !very curious!

I want to know more about API because I think it can expand bubble feature.

I want to know how you deal with API. & I wonder if AI integrated recommendation is possible.

I’m looking for Clariai and recombee, they have API but I don’t know how.

Is it even possible to make AI recommendation through these APIs?

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hi @song52114 !
I’ve been working on a plugin to fulfill this need for about a month, it’s ready and just waiting for bubble’s approval!
I hope tomorrow I’ll be able to announce it and I’ll be sure to let you now.

Nice Bubbling :smiley:

Also, my plugin won’t need any external service so you don’t have to be paying to another company, just pay the plugin monthly :wink:

That’s amazing- your amazing! :smile:

another questions:…
So, what features are there? Can you share the description with bubblers?

**Is it made from Javascript? How could you make the AI logic? I’m very zealous to know the first principle…:smiley: ** Thanks !

Hi again, please check my answer in this topic :smiley:

Best practice for IA ranking

Thank you :smiley:

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My plugin that enables you to use AI easily on bubble is now published ! Check it here:

AWESOME! Thanks for your smartness!

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