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Anybody know of any possible recommendation engine integration to bubble?

I’d like to suggest users personnalised content. I found tools like Recombee but I couldn’t figure out if I can integrate with API. Anybody has come across a reasonable way to this before?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @anildorukhan

I’m also looking to implement a recommender system as a service.

How did you get on implementing with bubble? I was also looking at Recombee, and will be trying to implement with bubble in the coming weeks. If you could share any insight you’ve gained I would really appreciate it!


Hi guys, dit it work? How did you manage it? Thanks for the feedback !

I know this thread is old but I just released a new plugin that implements AI based on the Graph Theory to give you recommendations based on usage patterns in your app. It’s very easy to use also !

Take a look:

Nice Bubbling!

Did anyone ever get Recombee to work with Bubble?

Or did anyone find another way to do recommendations?