Does anyone know How to make A.I recommendation?

A.I recommendation, I want to understand this and make it work , is there any way to do in bubble?

I don’t think bubble has any AI features per se, however you could integrate with most AI services via an API.

What do you want to achieve exactly?

How can I integrate with AI services via an API? I know like (summarizing / keywords etc ) but I couldn’t find recommendation.

If Netflix has to be built on bubble, how recommendation feature can be built?
Somebody have any experience with AI???

In that context, you are talking about a ranking system, based on a number of parameters such as interest, Watched, liked, bookmarked etc. This could be quite a sophisticated system, however the AI element, which I presume would take feedback from users to improve the ranking system, is not the first step to achieve what you are doing. You would need the database and logic in place, in order to integrate any machine learning.


I just released a new plugin that implements AI based on the Graph Theory to give you recommendations based on usage patterns in your app. It’s very easy to use also !

Take a look:

Nice Bubbling!

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