Air Date/Time Picker Error Message

The Air Date/Time Picker plug-in is giving me an error message. Cannot read property ‘getTime’ of null.

Anyone know why this might be? Is something wrong with the plug-in or something I’m doing wrong?

Is this the default Bubble one? If so, I’d file a bug report for the Bubble Success Team to take a closer look.

It’s the plug-in by @ZeroqodeSupport @ZeroqodeTeam

Hi @rgnldbrks, thanks for reaching out.
I’m afraid we can’t identify the issue from the provided screenshot.

To be able to help you, please provide as many details as possible. Namely:

  • screenshots and/or screencasts of your setup - workflows, plugin settings (for the screencast recording, let me please suggest using the Loom tool).
  • screenshots and/or screencast of the issue you have (debugger, browser console, etc);
  • steps to reproduce your issue;

Looking forward to your reply.


Zeroqode Support Team