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Air time/Date picker help

Hey everyone!
I’m working on an app in which I need to take two inputs as Opening time and Closing time from the user. I don’t seem to find a way to do this in Bubble without using a plugin. So I’ve installed this Air time/Date picker plugin from @ZeroqodeSupport @ZeroqodeTeam. How can I save the time as is?
When I’m saving the time, I’m getting it in Month Date, year hh:mm AM/PM format
I want to save it as HH:MM AM/PM.
Please help

Hello! Why you want to save ad HH:MM AM/PM? In database you do not have this option and that is good. When you show in front side use formatted as custom format and show it in HH:MM AM/PM



A date is saved in milliseconds and displayed in the format of your choosing :grinning:

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Oh that’s an option! Thank you so much.
The other thing I need help with is displaying only the things that are OPEN with respect to the current time. Could you also please help me solve this one

Really? That’s cool haha

You can make ranges using < or > current date time. Please see picture below:

Or you can make with = current date time

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