I need to collect a time from the user

hi everyone. In my app I need to collect a time from the user, so I used an input form but I’m having a problem with the type of content, since the time that should be collected must be like ( 13:55 or 00:00…) I can’t fine a type of a content that accepts both numbers and a colon ( : )
thank you

Hey @gusai.saad :slight_smile: Have you checked out the Air Date/Time Picker plugin? In it you can allow Users to only select a time, using the 24 hour format:

Plugin Page:

Plugin Thread:


@fayewatson I just tried it but it does not show the time it just shows just the dates!!!

Do you have these options selected in the property settings?

@fayewatson yeah now it works. my bad I did not see the show time box thanks a lot I appreciate it and is it possible to show just the time with out the dates?

No problem! I think it is stored with the date no matter what, but you can display only the time in the app using “:formatted as”:

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I got it thanks again for helping :smiley:

Awesome! No problem at all :smiley: