Airtable comma delimited fields as list or RG rows


The data I’m retrieving from Airtable using the Airtable plugin has columns that contain comma-delimited values (lists of data inside Airtable). I need to be able to show each delimited value as a separate row in a repeating group.

In the image below you’ll see what I’m referring to. I have a RG that pulls the data, and displays the Address in each row. Then inside this RG I have another RG that I’m trying to show the comma-delimited fields as a list. The “Arrow Length” “Legend Text Height” "“Arrow Width” columns are all related.

Ideally what I need is to be able to show the data in this second RG like it’s shown below.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this? Can it even be done? Or is there a way to import this data into a bubble table, using the Airtable plugin, in a way that would allow me to accomplish this?

A solution to this would be greatly appreciated.


Actually I just discovered what I’m doing IS working. I was testing this out using only the Arrow length field and I was getting results similar to below:


That’s actually correct in that that is the actual Airtable data, it’s just been rounded to 9, 42, 19, 13, 12.

Good to know this actually works. LOL