How can i split list and display it in each row on my RG? any formula?

hi bubblers i’ve struggle for this and cannot find solution.

i have list of description and list of amount and i want to display it in repeating group in each row with single value.

i’ve try with this method but just display 1 cell.

can anyone help me?


Just to clarify, you want to display the (AED) Amount column in your RG as a nested repeating group list? What is the data type of (AED) Amount now? If it’s a list of texts, why not just format it as text with each column a new bullet like a bulleted list?

thanks for replying @johnny
ya i’ve try to set my RG to text in the data type and list of text data thing, but that can just only show specific data field and when i try with “merge with” data field amount, in the text element i cant find my list amount.

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