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AirTable Plugin - Handle Lists

Hello @sam8

When I save a Bubble’s List of texts into an Airtable’s Multiselect field, I get this :

Is there a workaround ?
If not, do you plan to handle List of Things with the plugin ?

So it creates x rows, rather than 1 row with x multiselects?

How are you saving it ?

Not really.
What I mean id that if you export a list of texts (an array of texts), you’ll get a single line of text in AirTable using the Modify an AirTable Record.

That would be normal if the destination was a a single select field, but in my exemple it is a multiselect filed.

Is it clearer ?

Oh, gotcha. That is annoying.

@sam8 is there a chance this feature get added somday ?

Anything further on this, it’s a bit of a pain. The action has an “add” but even when I run 2 workflows to add two items to the multiple select field in the Base the second call over writes the first.

So currently to my knowledge there is no way to populate a multiple select field in the base with more than one item or infact to add an item if one exists without overwriting the existing