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Need some guidance through Airtable x Bubble

Hi guys !
I’m trying out bubble & airtable to build a startup MVP :smiley:
Really excited ! But very un-efficient.
Could someone guide me through the basics of this integration ?
Thank you !


Is there a particular reason your using air table? The reason I ask is because bubble has its own database structure (that you could use instead of airtable).

I haven’t used airtable I’m just putting that out there.

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There’s loads of videos showing you how to do this e.g.

I’d just watch a couple of those.

Hi, thanks for the quick reply ! Yes actually I’ve watched this video twice but as I’m a real beginner I was hoping to find someone that could actually work with me on the interface for half a day or something (that I would pay obviously).
But I’m not sure this forum is the right place for it ?

I second @luminrabbit‘a question. Why do you want to use Airtable? That’s a serious question.

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Ah I see. I’d try posting a request in the Jobs section then as probably loads of people on here that could help with that.

Might also be worth clarifying, in this thread, why you want to use Airtable though. As others have said, the built in database is usually an easier way to go. So you might be going down the wrong route to start with.


Okay thnak you guys.
To be honest I discovered Airtable prior to bubble and found it incredibly easy to use, so I built a whole database on it, and now I thought the easiest way to go was to start from it to integrate with bubble.
But as you mention it it might be worth starting over with Bubble’s own data base module.
I’ll have a closer look at it.
thanks !