Airtable filter/minus list

I can’t seem to get the filter or minus list features working on Airtable integration. Has anyone figured this out?

I’ve got a ticket open w/ them re: filter. I’m trying to filter on an ID within a linked table and it’s not working.

Almost seems like it’s failing silently based on the debugger. If I do the filter in a workflow, the entire workflow stops when that filter should happen. Nothing after it runs. Anything before it runs fine.

What’s the status of your ticket? I’m having the same issue for almost the same use case

I’ve submitted a number of bugs re: Airtable and they’ve been relatively responsive in fixing them.

This was submitted as a different problem, but they recommended using filter instead of how I was originally trying to do it. Obviously that led to where I (we) are today.

I’ve given them a bunch of data and screenshots, but haven’t heard back on the filter problem yet.

I think I first saw the problem and shared w/ them on Thursday. Will share this link w/ them.

They are working on it, @tools3. They confirmed the behavior and it’s now in the bug queue.

Asked for an update from support.

@tools3, just got an update that a fix has been pushed. I haven’t tested yet.

Also, the v2 update to the Airtable integration went out a couple days ago and solved a number of my challenges.

Very happy w/ the fixes so far…

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