Airtable Linked Records Not Linking to the Right Table

I have a proposal tracking table that linkes to an Employee Info table for the different roles in a project (Project Manager, PM2, Lead Analyst 1, Lead Analyst 2, etc.)

I have set the Plugin to point to the Proposal Tracking table, and initialized the table in the plugin, But the schema that Bubble shows, is that the Roles (Project Manager, PM2, Lead Analyst 1, Lead Analyst 2, etc.) are pointing back at the Proposal Tracking table instead of the Employee Info table.

How do I get Bubble to actually pick up the linked tables.
Airtable Tables

And the actual linking in AirTable looks like this for each of the roles
Airtable Roles

How do I get Bubble to pickup on the linking.
Do I have to load both tables? But there does not seem to be a way to link them within Bubble.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


It turns out - you need to load all the tables that are referenced in Airtable and then when you initialize you then have to specify which tables Bubble needs to link each linked field to. And then everything works as you would expect.


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Hi Erik!
I have a question on linked databases from Airtable: do you have a specific workflow to load the linked data?
I have set up the plugin, initialized the fields (the linked table as a list) and then created a workflow so when I click it create or update the data. In the WF, when I set up Create a new ... or Make changes to ... I select the linked field based on its Airtable ID but it doesn’t work.