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Create Airtable record with multiple attachments

Hello Bubblers,

I have been working on an app for a client who wants to also use Airtable as the database. Due to some limitations to the Airtable plugin, I am also working with the Bubble DB to achieve what they want to build.

One thing the client can on the app (on Bubble) is to create a new thing with several text fields and one ‘list of files’ field where I use the multi file uploader plugin so he can add multiple documents/attachments. My workflow works fine and the Airtable record gets created when I upload a single file (the attachment shows up in ‘attachment’ field in airtable) but it does not when I upload several files. When I do, the airtable is created but no attachments appear in my airtable field.

Am I missing something?
Thanks in advance for the help

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same problem… next problem is deleting all attachments in Airtable record when I add attachment through plugin. @Bubble any help, please?