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Updating Airtable Data in Bubble

Hi guys,

installed the Airtable Plugin in Bubble and was wondering how to put a multiselect in Airtable?
I use a multidropdown for my “knowledge tags” but I don’t find a solution to show several tags (in that example: “Data Analytics”, “Management”) instead of having it as one text.
Does someone know how to fix this?

Also, I am wondering how to apply changes of our Airtable database in Bubble? So whenever data changes, this should automatically update the data fields in Bubble.

Does someone know whether and how this is possible?

Thanks in advance!


Thank you for using the forum.

The equivalent of the multi dropdown is called ‘multiple select’ in Airtable.

Regarding updating Bubble from Airtable, a low code solution would be to leverage a platform like Zapier for witch we offer a free, ready to use plugin.

You should also be able to use Airtable automations and Bubble APIs to set this up manually.

That being said, best practice here would be to keep only one source of truth and avoid duplicating data both in Bubble and Airtable.


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