Airtable x Bubble Problem - Please help!

Hello lovely Bubblers,

Another cheeky problem I need your amazing help with:

As always, extremely grateful in advance! And this will be going in my “Building An App in 30 Days” documentary, which will be featured on Bubble :slight_smile: so just let me know if you’d like a shoutout.




There is not a “subject” object in your dB. When you navigate to the subject page, the AT data is lost because is browser based.

Solution. Save data to your dB if you want to pull from it.

This is an interesting discussion

OK got it! Thanks @cmarchan :slight_smile:

I found a good workaround for now - the data is sent via URL parameters (so no need to set content type to anything)

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This is the same limitations
Solution A) Create your own API Connector call to Airtable
Solution B) Use a unique ID and filter Airtable data using this unique ID (you can use url parameters) to display the correct info. If table is not too big, it’s ok. But with a lot of data, it will not be a very good solution.
Solution C) @cmarchan one :wink:

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