Unable to Set Page's "Type of Content" to Airtable Data Type

Currently working on a web app, solely using Airtable as my database. I installed and setup the Airtable plugin correctly (to the best of my knowledge!) It sees and reads each table in my Airtable base. (API Key removed for obvious reasons.)

I have made a list of “Groups” on the search page. Then, once clicked, the list will send the clicked Groups’ information to the Group Page. On this page it will display the selected Groups’ information. I have 2 issues.


  1. When sending the data from the Search Page to the Group Page when the list is clicked, it will only let me select a Groups’ singular specific data (name, picture, etc). It won’t allow sending the selected Groups’ whole information. Is it possible to send all of the data of the selected “Group”?

2. On the receiving page, the Group Page, I am trying to set the “Type of Content” in the page appearance settings. This is to let the page know what type of data / content to expect and accept so that I can show it properly on the page! I doesn’t detect my “Groups” data from my Airtable – nor any of the other data from it. All it shows is “Users”.

If someone could assist me in determining whether I am doing something wrong, flipping a wrong switch, or if it’s even possible at all, I would be grateful! Thank you!

Hello! This is going to be a limitation with our Airtable integration. The “Type of content” for pages will only work for Bubble-stored data; if you’re working with Airtable, you’ll need to simulate this for your users as you fetch data from Airtable rather than being able to pass the data directly. Essentially, you’re looking at working more with URL parameters and search constraints in your pages, and less at working with passing data.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]!

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But it works with a pop up