Edit airtable data via pop up in bubble

Hey Guys
I am currently at a loss and need your help.

Today I connected our Airtable database to Bubble using the Airtable plugin. I was able to bring the data into a table via dynamic data and make it visible. Now I have created an opening plugin via an edit button and would like to edit or update the data of the leads (or the leads in airtable) there by displaying the dynamic data in input fields and then editing it.

But it does not work properly.

When I select the type of content (name of my table in airtable) and then select the data source (get Data from API), I get this error message: (see picture below).

So I am forced to select the first:item. What is the error here?

Which group do I have to assign to the type of content and data source so that I can use the individual fields?

I can’t press the SAVE button afterwards, because I can’t save any changes in Airtable or send them to airtable. See screenshot 4. what should the workflow look like here?

Thanks for your help.


Bildschirm­foto 2024-05-15 um 18.06.10