Albumlist: Organize and share lists of your favorite albums

Hi All!

I created this site where music lovers can organize, share, and discover amazing albums.

The problems I’m trying address are:

  1. Spotify lets you make collections of songs, but not collections of albums
  2. I’ve found that I’m mainly getting recommendations of new music from Spotify’s algorithm, and I’d like to get my new music from real people.

Any feedback welcome! If you can, please don’t create ‘test’ lists of albums, cause I don’t want to clutter the site. But if you are a genuine music geek, please contribute! That would be amazing!


Love it, love it, love it… super awesome UI, clean, crisp, especially love the little animation when current user is not logged in…

I am a music geek and musician (Indian/Bollywood), and will share with my kids who are into Western/Pop, I think they’ve had the same issue with Spotify.

Quick note: Link you shared reads “Musiclist” in the description, you may want to change it to Albumlist.

Few more observations:

  1. When signing up and in terms of service, the app says “Musiclist”, you may want to change it to “Albumlist” for consistency

  2. When clicking on “Add Album” to a list, the previously searched term appears in the input box – do you want to initialize it? On the other hand, it was easier to search multiple times on the same search term…

  3. When one list is published and a new one is created, the last search results are still visible

Will let you know if I find anything else. Cheers and great job !