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Oh No! Updating problem is back! please test!

So i recreated all my repeating groups a few days ago and it seemed to fix the problem. Temporarily it seems.
So when you like a song in the Discovery player its supposed to add the current user to a list on the song of users who have listened to the song. this takes the song out of the repeating group because it has a constraint that says “listened to doesnt contain current user”. but for some reason its not always being updated and will randomly jump back to a song that you have already liked or dislike. Please test it for yourselves and share your experiences. if you like a song it will show up under the “My Music” tab (which are songs that shouldnt be in the discovery player anymore but stay).

Edit: it also seems to not be updating the genre types on page load on mobile so if after the tutorial you get a “no songs to show” text then refresh the page.

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Can’t answer your question but you got a pretty sweet application you are building there buddy!!

I especially love the intro help steps.

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@Bradluffy Did it skip back to songs for you tho? songs that you already liked and should no longer be in the Discovery player?

Yes actually it did with the “The Ballad of Imam”. Perhaps when the person clicks one or the other it should trigger to remove that song from current user list. That might be a different approach from the constraint, but will ensure the person does not listen to same song twice.

The songs aren’t saved to the user until they like a song. The repeating group just does a search for all songs that haven’t been listened to by the current user. If I could remove a current cell from a repeating group this would work but i cant find that option.

Nice app, and songs!
I didn’t got the error you mentioned here, but while in Discover the song would stop playing (maybe streaming?), and after some few seconds started playing again, but skipped to a different part of the music, sometimes way off the middle.

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@csfalcao Can you tell me if you are testing on desktop or mobile and which browser you are using? thanks!

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Nice app.

On mobile (android) I didn’t get any repeats, the songs I liked went to my song list no problem.

I had the skip problem that csfalco had too.

When do we get the Tinder “swipe to like” function? :wink:

Loved the app intro!

No exit button… I don’t know if we do them…



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@lonetour when you were testing on android did all of your songs start from the beginning and just play the whole song or did they start in the middle and just play for 20 seconds?

They started in the middle, and I guess for only 20 seconds, though I didn’t listen to them all for the full time!ç

@georgeciobanu … I was really asking @denverdave11 if he was going to put the swipe onto the mobile version!!

Desktop, Safari OSX El Captain

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OK thats good, thats what its supposed to do but i dont always get the same results. Can i ask what browser you use on your mobile device?

As far as the swiping goes, thats what i really want to do but the tinder stack doesnt work like i want it to. It runs really slowly and freezes up when songs are being switched. also i cant add elements to the slide so all the elements just stay in front while you are just swiping the backgrounds. Bubbles repeating groups work much more fluid and stable.

I use Chrome on Android.

Just read the info. What elements are you trying to put on the slide? You can have a Title and a Caption. What else woud you want?

Also, on the web app, I personally feel that I’d prefer the “hot or not” buttons to be on the right hand side of the screen… less mouse movement… would be where my eyes would land more naturally.

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