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Pre-save song, album with spotify

hey bubblefriends, (I’ll try my best to explaine my needs) #not a native speaker

I was wondering if someone already worked with the apis to create a presave feature.
is this even possible?

so artists are able to get their track ID for their upcoming releases in their spotify profile. so they can submit it before the release day. On my Website they can now submit the trackID, title, releasedate x time and maybe cover).

the task is, that users (that connected their spotify by api) can like and add the song to their playlist before the song is published as a presave it. And when it’s released - it’ll be added automaticly to their playlist on the releaseday.

How I set it up? I never worked with the APIs. Is the automatic add to playlist (favorite songs) possible by api on a specific time that the artist set?
It have to work for multiple users and multiple artists/releases at the the time.

thank you for any help.

all the best.