Alert message always show when page is loaded. please help

hi there, im facing the issue with alert message.
i want to show succes message when project is made.

so, after user fill the form then submit it will direct to home page and show succes message on page load. but the issue is every time i load the page the succes message is always show up.

what i have to set on the workflow so the success message only show 1x when the project is made.

thanks in advance

Could you share the WF you’ve made for this?

here is my workflow from (the purple color) :

to (on page load) :

if u have a better way to set the workflow key

Make a separate “Page is loaded” workflow for these steps.

You’ll need to add a yes/no field under your datatype, call it something like “isAlerted” and default it to no.

Then on your new page load workflow, make the conditional on the actual workflow itself "Only when current Page project request’s isAlerted is “no”.
then the first step will be Make changes to a thing, Current Page project request, and change the isAlerted field to yes, then show the success alert.

So it’s stored in the database under that thing that the alert needs to be shown, it shows it the first time then sets it to yes preventing it from showing again.

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Yeessss!!! it works.

big thank you for the solution. im struggle for a day for this.
thank you in advance

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