Showing Alert's

Hello, thanks for taking the time to read this.

I am trying to get an alert to display across all user account’s but can’t seem to get it right. I started by doing the workflow to current user by changing a yes / no value to say yes display the alert.
This alert I am wanting all users to be able to see if the value is changed to yes. Can anyone help?

I am trying to do search for: Notifcation’s
-Alert = Yes (two different workflows to change yes/no were working when I had the current user alert going so I’m assuming it will still be working)
So this would then show the alert to all users.

Are looking for a push message? Or just an i app alert?

It’s a message displayed in a hidden group so I’m trying to get the message to be shown if a value = yes

I have something similar set up. In the company data file I have a text field called Alert, and an alert box on the Footer of every page. When Alert is blank, it doesn’t display anything, but if it’s not blank than it is shown.

You can just add the same condition to the Show Alert workflow to trigger at each page load, only when that value = yes

Wouldn’t that mean the page would have to be refreshed for the alert to displayed?

Currently just struggling on getting the button to work. I have added to different workflows to to the button both conditional to yes and no

This is what happens when the data = No.
1Button PrioritySearch NotifcationsPriorityYNN MakeChangesToData

Then I have another workflow for the opposite for if the data = yes

It depends on how you have it set up. On mine, it’s a floating group that’s hidden that has a text box that’s inside that group that has the PromotionMessage data inside of it. If it’s empty, the group is hidden and the size collapses. When it’s not empty, it’s visible. As soon as something is entered, the group is displayed with no need for the page to be refreshed.

Maybe if I can take a look I can get a better understanding of how it’s set up

On mine I am using an ordinary group placed at the top of the page with a text element inside. I’m trying to get the the element to show if the value is yes


Looks like it’s not working because you’re using a deleted data type

Yeah I realised and fixed that but the thing still isnt working

Do you have a link to your editor so we can take a closer look?

Yeah sorry couldn’t figure out how to get a link to share website

The button is on the dispatch_mtd page
The group is called Groups Notifcation’s which is on the index, dispatch_mtd and officer_mtd
Demo1234 (I think :/)

Hey @KDenv01 ,

I mean your editor not preview link.

How do I share the editor?

This is the URL I have not sure if you can access it this way

Should be able to view now I think

Your issue is right here:


You are searching for a deleted type.

Yeah I fixed that earlier (obviously missed one) If you go to the page dispatcher and press the priority button I’m trying to get that to change the yes/ no value so the groups display on all pages they are added to

I have two workflows set up for the button and there is conditions for if the value is yes or no

I think its something to do with the data base as I’m doing a search but there is nothing in the data base

I could do with something like the current user field but I need it to work for every user one the condition is yes

Have you checked your privacy settings?

Sorry didn’t realise it switched back to private