Alerts not appearing

I’m sure I’ve seen this before and there’s a remedy but I just can’t find it. I have a PopUp that contains the inputs for users to Log In to my app.

If a User has deleted their account however (i.e. the field “DeletedUser” is set to “Yes”) then I want to display an alert that says the User Does Not Exist"

It looks like this…

Thing is, the Alert simply doesn’t show when my WorkFlow runs.

I’m sure I’ve seen this before but I can’t remember why this was and can’t find the answer. Can anyone shed any light? I’ll be really grateful if you can…

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Hey @joefarrowsmith :wave:

Can you run this workflow in debug mode? Step-by-step? To see what is going on?

@joefarrowsmith have you checked privacy rules?

Unrelated to the issue you’re having, from my understanding you’re not actually deleting the User when they delete their account? This would not be very best practice - and in some countries not legal.

Instead, I would suggest to have a “Deleted users” data type with one field “Email” (protected with privacy rules obv). When a user logs in you can run an API workflow to check whether that email is part of the Deleted Users table. If so, you show the Alert

It doesn’t appear to recognise the “Only When” conditions…ie when the CurrentUser’s UserDeleted is yes.
In the debugger the OnlyWhen remain red.

I even tried inserting a pause in the workflow of 1000ms but that had no effect.

This is odd…

Could you try to remove the action “Log the user out” and try again?

I tried that and it made no difference unfortunately.

This makes no sense :thinking:
Can you share your editor’s link so I can try to check what is going on?